Adult jails can turn kids into career criminals, with tax payers footing the bill. By Raising the Age of how we punish and straighten out kids who make minor mistakes, we'll keep … our communities safer, our kids on the right track, our tax dollars working toward common sense solutions rather than perpetuating problems. Learn how you can support crucial bipartisan legislation to Raise the Age. Please sign our petition, read the latest news and join us at an event.

“NC is one of only two states that automatically send all 16- and 17-year-old defendants to the adult justice system, but concerns about deterrence, repeat offenses, the absence of education or training, and the potential for harm indicate NC should reconsider its existing laws.”
- Marc Levin, director, Center for Effective Justice at Texas Public Policy Foundation & Right on Crime

“The evidence indicates NC should reconsider its laws relating to the youngest offenders who now enter the adult corrections system … It becomes pointedly clear that the best place for most of the state’s young offenders is in the juvenile justice system.”
- John Locke Foundation, “Spotlight: ImprovIng Juvenile Justice, Finding More Effective Options for North Carolina’s Young Offenders”